Libri Dilectio: Reader’s Advisory or A Missed Opportunity

09 December 2011

Reader’s Advisory or A Missed Opportunity

I am a librarian. I know…you’re not particularly surprised. It does say so all over the place on this site. It’s in my “About Me” section, my “Review Policy,” my header, and look, over there on the right, it’s even in my “Welcome” note. I’ve made it pretty clear that I am a librarian, but I’ve been missing an opportunity to share my librarian-ness with the internet! I said that I started my blog, “as a way to keep track of what I’m reading and to better do my FAVORITE part of my job, reader’s advisory,” but I haven’t been readers advising! Not at all! I mean, yes, I’ve been reviewing and recommending good books, but I could do more!

I really do love reader’s advisory and kids ask for it so often that it’s also become one of the most answered reference questions for me. I’m not sure if adults ask as often as kids, never worked with grown ups before…too big. Anyway, I get to recommend good books to kids all day every day at work. I’m in charge of maintaining and updating my library’s online book lists as well, so seriously, if I haven’t made it clear enough already, I do A LOT of reader’s advisory.

Now, here’s the problem, I haven’t been advising all of you. I’m sorry, but there’s an easy solution, I’m going to start! You might have noticed in my last post about The Agency series (which once again is awesome!) that I added a section for reader’s advisory. I’m going to start doing that from now on with every single review I write. I might even go back and add it to old posts (not sure about that yet. It’ll depend on how much I hide indoors this winter). Hopefully, this will be fun for readers and useful for those who have already read the book I’m reviewing, or just want to know what to read after they finish it. OR, for those of you who are also librarians, maybe it will help you with recommending books to your kids and teens.

I’m sad it took me this long to realize my mistake, but I’m happy to start remedying it now! Yay for reader’s advisory!! Now, excuse me, I have to go get ready for a school booktalk. Smile.


  1. AbbyDec 9, 2011 03:25 PM

    I know this wasn't point of your post, but I love your shelf-talker! What a great idea!!


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