Libri Dilectio: Fanfare Friday: Ants Wear Underpants

09 July 2010

Fanfare Friday: Ants Wear Underpants

Ants Wear Underpants, Wendy Gelsanliter

I picked this up completely on accident to have as welcoming music for storytime on Wednesday morning. Okay, not completely by accident. I grabbed it because of the adorable picture and title, but it turned out to be a really great CD as well!

Wendy Gelsanliter has a really sweet voice and the sound of her songs is very folksy. There’s the mix that I love of new songs, old favorites, and action songs! This is a perfect album for preschoolers. I fully intend to put it in a preschool loan bag soon! Well, after I return it!

My favorite songs on the CD are “Ants in Underpants,” “Lazy Bones,” and “Head and Shoulders.” “Head and Shoulders” is particularly great for classrooms and storytimes because it’s a jazzed up version of Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes. It almost has a line dance feel to it. I think the kids will love it…and the grown ups too!


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